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Originally Posted by MidnightSun View Post
Platoon Command Squad should have 4x Flamers, Infantry Squads are pretty good but I much prefer to have either Specials or Heavies. Are you a sit-back-and-shoot unit or close-range unit? Pick one and save points. Krak Grenades are useless on Guardsmen. Special Weapons Squad should be removed and the Flamers used in the Platoon Command.
I was thinking of using the Command Squad to sit back and take pot shots or hold objectives, the two Infantry Squads w/ autocannons to tarpit and objective clear, the Infantry Squad w/ priest as dedicated transport hunters (hence krak and priest to help on assaults), and the Special Weapons Squad as mob killers (lots of orks and 'nids in my neck of the woods).

Originally Posted by MidnightSun View Post
I think they need Heavy Bolter Sponsons, but I guess they're still ok. Can't run two seperately as you're only using one FOC. They have to squadron, which kinda sucks. I think the Executioner is superior, especially for Chaos who lack their own rocks to smash other rocks with.
I have already have two biker squads that are great for tank busting (power fist and lightning claw on champion means no attacks lost) so I was just looking to plant the tanks and get dakka down range.

Originally Posted by MidnightSun View Post
Needs more Vendetta. Apart from that, save points on things like Krak Grenades and the Priest because you want to make your Allies as cheap as possible.
If I was going to bring a flyer I would bring a helldrake, and I'm not to worried about points because I like the idea of a chaos war band with lots of disposable cultists and the elite chaos marines.

Again thanks for the advice and sorry if I come of sounding like a dick but I had a general idea for the list and should have made it clear earlier.

Any more advice is welcome.

Lost and Damned. Because you know... 35 cultists with
a Mark of Khorne and close combat weapons get 140
attacks on the charge...

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