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Originally Posted by LQNKY View Post
Command Squad w/ lascannon
Ministorum Priest
Priest is unessecary. Remove him completely.

Originally Posted by LQNKY View Post
Plantoon Command Squad w/ 4x sniper rifles
2x Infantry Squad w/ flamer and autocannon
Infantry Squad w/ flamer and krak grenades (priest)
Special weapon squad w/ 3x flamers
Platoon Command Squad should have 4x Flamers, Infantry Squads are pretty good but I much prefer to have either Specials or Heavies. Are you a sit-back-and-shoot unit or close-range unit? Pick one and save points. Krak Grenades are useless on Guardsmen. Special Weapons Squad should be removed and the Flamers used in the Platoon Command.

Originally Posted by LQNKY View Post
Heavy Support
Leman Russ Battle Tank
Leman Russ Battle Tank
I think they need Heavy Bolter Sponsons, but I guess they're still ok. Can't run two seperately as you're only using one FOC. They have to squadron, which kinda sucks. I think the Executioner is superior, especially for Chaos who lack their own rocks to smash other rocks with.

Originally Posted by LQNKY View Post
Any more comments? You guys have been super helpful and I'm thankful for that.
Needs more Vendetta. Apart from that, save points on things like Krak Grenades and the Priest because you want to make your Allies as cheap as possible.


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