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Not that the Nephilim isn't about 10-20pts over cost, but if you do a straight comparison of the Base Talon and the Base Neph (with Avenger to compare to the assualt cannon) there are some clear differences, for that 70pt difference you are getting:

+1HP, +1 Main weapon attack (at double range), +2 missile shots, and a pretty decent anti-flyer special rule, and only losing ceramite armor. At optimum range the Talon will get 4x S6 shots and 3 S5 shots at =< 24". The Nephilim will put out 7x S6 shots and 3 S5 shots at =<36" range. Against AV 11 for the Main gun that is roughly 2 HP with 70% chance of a Pen for the Neph and 1 HP with a 60% chance of a pen for the Talon. With a slightly above average roll on the Heavy Bolters you will get 1 more HP on each. So the Neph can pretty reliably strip 2-3 HP from AV 11 at a further range than the Talon. (Against AV12 the Neph and the talon will only strip 1 but the talon will be a pen due to rending, which is where the Neph should take the Las Cannons). This is all barring any Jink saves, but there are negative to taking those.

In a straight up Dogfight the Neph will down a Talon before the Talon can shoot back, since it doesn't even need the Heavy Bolters to strip the HP.

Now you can make the Talon better for a cost, but then the point differnce is only 35-40pts, and the Neph can still unleash more fire than the Talon and has the extra HP and the Unrelenting Hunter is a nice Special Rule vs any vehicle.

Like I said, I think the Neph is still overpriced, but not really so much in comparison to the Talon. Where the price difference really shows is against the Heavier Flyers like the Storm Raven which has as much firepower, heavier armor, and is a transport.

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