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Originally Posted by Zion View Post
When you consider that it makes a lot of sense that it's direct only because it's not a mass appeal item.
I think there's a lot of that in 40K though so I don't see why having a couple copies would be bonkers. Not to mention it has C:SM stuff in it... seems logical to have 20 copies on the shelf at all times right there.

Originally Posted by MadCowCrazy View Post
Points towards Forge World...
So if you buy a FW flier and download the errata and IA book with the rules you pay as much as the SM guys and get a flier, you probably wont be allowed to use anyway because everyone knows IA is "op".
Probably one reason I never did grab a Storm Eagle. Though I think also having to pay nearly $200, getting a book and a single model, and unlikely to buy many more had something to do with it :D. Though I think "op" is pretty relative. With this book the DA flyer is priced out of existence with the Talon sitting at 75 points less (oh, but with only 2 HP) and for a couple more you almost get a flying Landraider. Couldn't imagine buying the two pack and ever actually using them...would look nice on a shelf though.

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