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Command Squad w/ lascannon
Ministorum Priest
Plantoon Command Squad w/ 4x sniper rifles
2x Infantry Squad w/ flamer and autocannon
Infantry Squad w/ flamer and krak grenades (priest)
Special weapon squad w/ 3x flamers
Heavy Support
Leman Russ Battle Tank
Leman Russ Battle Tank

Ok so this would run me 710 points (would drop the priest, infantry squad and special weapons for 550 points). I would be using the infantry for tarpiting and objective holding while the lemans would be laying down the heavy dakka I need.

Any more comments? You guys have been super helpful and I'm thankful for that.

Lost and Damned. Because you know... 35 cultists with
a Mark of Khorne and close combat weapons get 140
attacks on the charge...

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