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Night Goblins, for me, are a defensive force. I play Orcs because I'm all about offense.

That said, night goblins are a VERY good defensive force.

A battery of goblin war machines, protected by small units of night goblins with fanatics and lots of low level night goblin casters is very effective.

Night goblins casters are especially effective because of the mushroom dice which can effectively turn a level 1 night goblin into a level SEVEN caster since you're getting that extra dice without dipping into your power pool. So four or five level 1 night goblin shaman is a perfectly acceptable magic contingent especially with the lore attribute sneaky stealing possibly adding even MORE power dice to your pool. If your opponent is using Lore of Shadow or another lore that relies on remains in play spells, remember to focus on dispelling those spells during YOUR turn, not his, so as not to waste valuable dispel dice. You CAN use mushroom dice to dispel remains in play spells during your turn, which makes this even nastier.

Night goblins are pretty awful at fighting, but fanatics more than make up for this when used defensively. Sitting back and letting your opponent come to you, means he will be charging over your fanatics and taking the full 2D6 strength 5 armour piercing hits from EACH fanatic.

I prefer large units of the night goblin archers, horded, to take advantage of the killing power Gift of the Spider God will give them, not only in your turn, but also with the stand and shoot reaction, PLUS the defensive fanatics.

Then I prefer small (even minimum sized) spear and shield units purely to house level 1 casters and fanatics.

Buy deploying in a box, with your war machines in the center, and your table edge forming the bottom of the box, your opponent simply can't get to the war machines without taking damage from the fanatics first.

Place small units of 20 spear and shield NGs on the perimeter of your defensive position with 1 fanatic per unit, then deploy the larger units with 2 or 3 fanatics each on the inside to prevent your opponent from 'popping' your fanatics with chaff units. Those chaff units won't survive long enough to get within 8 inches of the main blocks.

After a few turns taking shelling from your artillery (2 doom divers, 2 rock lobbers and up to 6 spear chukkas), then having to get through your outer wall of small units with fanatics, by the time your opponent is charging into the big hordes with short bows (hopefully with poison attacks and MORE fanatics) your opponent won't have much left.

Now you just use your nets, hold him in place and allow you swarms of night goblin big bosses with great weapons (2 or 3 per block) to hack him to pieces.

And don't forget to cast Itchy Nuisance on his big blocks BEFORE you cast Curse of the Bad Moon for extra carnage.

That said, I'll take my hordes of Orcs and take the fight to my opponent instead.

But given how cheap Skull Pass night goblins are on ebay, and the fact you only need 6 or so fanatic models to field 15+ fanatics since they die so fast anyway when used defensively, they are a very inexpensive force to field despite their numbers. The only expensive part is the war machines. The war machines are important, however, as the shelling is what ensures your opponent comes forward. He can't just sit back because you're able to field so many more war machines than him. He has to come forward to get into combat to avoid the shelling, and in order to get there, he has to charge through your fanatic screens. He's screwed either way.

500 points is so tiny I don't even know how to build a list that small...

I suppose a horde of 40 with short bows and 1 fanatic, (no nets at such a low cost game) a couple of big bosses with great weapons and a couple of level 1 shaman).

Then as many small units of 20 with spear and shield and 1 fanatic each as you can afford.

And 2 or 3 spear chukkas to start out as your battery since they are very cheap.

In these types of small games, don't try to do everything. Focus on 1 or 2 tactics (in this case, shooting and magic) and stick to it. Castle up in a corner and let him come to you, hit him with the fanatics.

The big problem you're going to have with Night Goblins at 500 points is you can't invest in a decent Orc general to keep them in line, and since you won't win combats with Night Goblins, even with steadfast you're going to be testing on such a low leadership, you'll probably run away anyway.

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