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Thanks guys!

this is my hazard at an actual list.

Command Squad w/ 2x flamers and a lascannon
Ministorum Priest
Plantoon Command Squad
2x Infantry Squad w/ melta and missile launcher
Infantry Squad w/ melta and lascannon
Special weapon squad w/ 3x flamers
Heavy Support
Leman Russ Battle Tank w/ hunter-killer missile
Leman Russ Battle Tank w/ lascannon

Total it would cost 740 points, so I would probably drop the infantry squad with the lascannon and the special weapons squad (and possibly the LR w/ h-k missile) to bring it down to 600 (440) points if I was playing a smaller game.

Any more suggestions, criticisms, or warnings?

Lost and Damned. Because you know... 35 cultists with
a Mark of Khorne and close combat weapons get 140
attacks on the charge...

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