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1) Yes, but conscripts aren't really worth the points. For just a couple more points per model you'll get access to special/heavy weapons, plus BS3 instead of BS2. Oh yea, and Chimeras. You're better off just filling out an infantry platoon.

2) Yes. I agree with Mossy Toes on this. You're better off spending the spare points on more dakka. Although I'll sometimes take them on my combined infantry platoons if I have points to spare. 30 infantrymen with 3 hidden, twin-linked lascannons and 3 plasmas? Sure, why not?

3) Probably not. 1" on ordnance doesn't make that great a difference. He can arguably help Vanquishers and Exterminators pay for their points value better, but personally I just skip him and spend his points on Guardsman Fucking Marbo.

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