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Originally Posted by bitsandkits View Post
FREE?? I think someone unfamiliar with GW has hacked your account MCC
And this right here is the problem with GW atm, feels like they go out of their way to leech as much money as they can out of their customers. They have several armies done and completed, have had for years apparently but instead of releasing an army a month they release things that should have been free or at the most a WD release just to fill out the release schedule with something each month.

Even if GW did release a new army book or codex each month it would still take a few years to update everything, as it is now they are pretty much on a 30 year cycle. Each army should get updated for each edition of the game but that just wont happen as codicies are not profitable enough and GW wouldn't release the rules as free pdfs even if this would perhaps increase model sales.

They should put a sticker on every Ork Bomma and Storm Talon box stating you need to buy this new "addition" to the game in order to use them.
An Ork Bommer doesn't cost 27.50, the initial cost is 27.50 + 20 as you HAVE TO buy the compendium if you want to use it. Unless you download the rules through "illegal" means...

-"But the initial cost is much lower if you have the WD"
Which might be invalidated if this compendium has points changes or wargear changes. Storm Raven has a starting cost of 50 + 20 for SM and BT players as their rules have never been published. Unless they just copy paste the BA and GK rules which they wont do as the missiles are unique to each army.

FAQ says you should check out the Death From The Skies compendium for changes, yet it's only available in English so all non English speaking players are boned.
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