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Default How long is a game of 40K in reality?

Did a search and couldn't find at topic about the subject.

I'm sure it's been asked before but how much time does a game of 40K actually represent?

When thinking about it I'd put a whole game to about 1 minute to 1:30.

Even 10sec per phase seems like allot, 10 sec per turn seems more plausible.

When looking at the Dawn of War 1 intro you could look at it like a normal game of 40K.

Turn 1 SM: The SM move into cover and shoot at the orks.
Turn 1 Orks: The Orks move into cover and shoot at the SM, destroying the Tank, the Orks that didn't shoot Run in the shooting phase.

Turn 2 SM: The SM shoot the incoming Orks.
Turn 2 Orks: The Orks move and assault but are shot down from Overwatch.

Turn 3 SM: They move out of cover and run in the shooting phase, the Dread shoots but the Orks make their cover saves
Turn 3 Orks: The Orks declare WAAAAGH!!! Move out of cover and charge the SMs with a few getting killed from the SM Overwatch.
SM have initiative so slaughter a few Orks, since the Orks charged they slaughter the SM. An ork with Tankbusta Bombz slap it to the Dread at Initiative 1 and destroys it with an Exploded result which kills all surrounding SM and Orks. Captain takes a wound from the explosion.

Turn 4 SM: SM Captain is close to objective so makes a move and run move towards it.
Turn 4 Orks: The Orks try to shoot the Captain down but he makes all his armour saves.

Turn 5 SM: Captain makes it to Objective claiming it for the SM.
Turn 5 Orks: The Orks shoot the Captain again and this time he fails 2 armour saves and dies.

SM player has no more models so the Orks win by tabeling their opponent.

Whole intro is 2min long, there are allot of extra scenes in there to make it more exciting so if you think of it all as happening at the same time 1 min for everything that happens seems pretty accurate to me.

Has GW ever said how much time a game represents? What do you guys think? 1-2 min plausible for a whole game of 40K?

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