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From the WoC perspective there is lots you can do to gimp a ogre gun line for instance.
Run a 3+ward re-roll lord on a disk with the crown of command next to a chimera or two and run down the vast majority of his gun line as he will no doubt waste the first volley or two on the lord until he relises its pointless. Against the ogres themselves nurgle warriors with shields can easily fight there own number in ogres do to how a 5+ followed by a 4+ followed by a 4+save mean that even the bigest ogre brick will grind to a rapid halt. Also ogres are not fans of the hellcannon or sorcerorors using the lore of shadow.

It kind a breaks down like this
-1000-3000pts, Nurgle warriors
-2000-3000pts lord with chimera body guard
-1000-3000pts spamming shadow magic boosted by shanneling advantages from the skull of katam, and a familiar toting sorc with lore of tzeentch (Almost always give you at least +1-2 dice a turn)
-1000-1500pts a hell cannon -2000-3000 two hell cannons.

Also since ogres really struggle to kill nurlge warriors a nasty combo to almost auto break their units is war banner, banner 3-4 ranks, army BSB. Static combat res of 6, and almost not chance he will out wound you. Just remember to use other units to eliminate large units of leadbelchers, and their over sized cannons.

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