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I'm curious to know if there are any points changes, the Ork fliers are way too expensive for what they do whilst the IG ones are too cheap (perhaps even the Necron Nightscythe).

If there are no points changes and such then what's the point?

-But but you get the rules from WDs!

Which should have been a free pdf! You telling me I can buy this cool flier but can't use it in the game without buying this new book? A book that doesn't seem to be that supported by GW as it's in english only.

I fail to see the point of this book, a way to get the rules from the WDs is a really shitty argument. It's blatant moneygrubbing and an attempt to leech as much money as possible out of people.

How official is this thing really? English only means it's pretty much unsupported, so when exactly are you suppose to use it? When you wanna use the Ork Bomma and Skytalon (or whatever it's called)! Again the "I bought this awesome model but now I gotta buy a book just to be able to use it?" argument pops up in my head.
It makes an expensive model that's not that good even more expensive to buy.

I will take a look at the PDF once it pops up next week, unless there are points changes and wargear updates this thing is rather pointless imo. Even if there are, this thing just feels "unofficial". Like another supplement no one will ever play with because it deviates from normal gameplay and makes things "unbalanced".

It just feels like a scam to me...

I could of course be wrong and this thing is awesome...

A book that is "needed" if you want to use the Ork or SM flier yet it's only supported in English.
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