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Well you'll want a lv2 night goblin mage to get some magic into the list and I would suggest a big boss to up your ld and killing power (although the ld is still going to be shit).
I would include all the herd in a heartbeat as they're excellent and give your force killing power for very few points. After that its really just a question of how many fanatics you want. I would take the archers first as the loss of a 6+ armour save is nothing but adding a short bow at least gives them a little more offence.

I would probably make the list something like:

36- Big Boss- light armour, AHW, short bow
85- Shaman- lv2
114- squig herd
60- 20 archers
130- 40 archers- standard

That leaves exactly 75pts, enough for 3 fanatics, which I would randomise between the 2 units of night goblins. I know many players simply use the maximum or even out fanatics over all units but I wouldn't do that: a while back I read a fantastic tactical piece about fanatic use. Basically what it boiled down to was using the element of surprise: you don't need fanatics in a unit to make the opponent think you do and the more firepower/magic they waste trying to destroy that unit the better off you are.

I wouldn't worry too much about the giants: they are fairly rubbish. I used to take one with my ogres because I loved the model and was proud of how I painted it... but all it ever did was disappoint (except as a bullet magnet). T5 with no save is pathetic... especially on a ~200pt model.

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