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Grace of Purpose- 963 words

Grace of Purpose, the golden letters on the bow of the ship read.

Grace of purpose…

A strong name both within the Space Angel Chapter and beyond the Chapter.
The ship had earned its name during many millennia of service to the Imperium of mankind and its Holy Emperor, seated on distant Terra and none would dare question its capabilities or its purpose.

Grace of Purpose.

The ship had seen more battles than most ships of its age or design, yet it had never been damaged beyond repair, or endured any substantial damage for that matter.

It had been scarred horribly on many occasions, but it always endured, always survived, always victorious.

Some believe the ship to be under the Emperor’s protection ever since the ship had assisted an Imperial Navy fleet during a raid from the Red Corsairs.
Others believe it is due to the ship being visited by the holy Saint Clarice herself, an Adepta Sororita who honoured the Chapter with her graceful presence after the Chapter had saved her world of birth from the Ork onslaught, many centuries ago.

Dertan Mirrorus, first captain of the Space Angel Chapter knew not which of the many stories he should believe, but he knew one thing; the ship was unlike any other, and there had to be a reason for that.

Often would he ask the servants of the Adeptus Mechanicum to do extra inspections of the ship, just to be ever certain the ship was in pristine.
It always was, and it always would be.

The ship truly earned its name.

Grace of Purpose.

Its elegant shapes and inconceivably beautiful decorations inspiring the crew of the ship and the member of the Space Angel first company to greatness, leading them to victory and guarding them from death.
Ever vigilant, ever watchful, ever on the hunt.
All of that could be said of the ship, but no words could ever do it the honour it deserved.

First Captain Dertan Mirrorus set foot on the bridge. His heavy Terminator armour making his footsteps sound like thunder on the deck.
‘’Captain on deck!’’ Shipmaster Aleris alerted the crew and all stopped in their tracks, bowing to the captain.

‘’Proceed.’’ Captain Mirrorus said plainly and the crew continued their various duties.

‘’Aleris, why did you have me summoned?’’ Captain Mirrorus asked from inside his armour, his pale scalp barely visible inside the huge Tactical Dreadnaught armour.

‘’My lord,’’ Shipmaster Aleris replied as he bowed his head. ‘’Three ships of unknown origin have just appeared at the edge of our sensors.’’

Captain Mirrorus seemed to consider the news, already preparing several battle plans inside his head.

‘’Make contact and clarify the identity of the ships.’’ The captain ordered and the shipmaster went to work, passing down orders through the chain of command and relaying data traffic between the captain and the various sub-officers on the bridge.

‘’My lord, the ships refuse to respond to our hails, all three of them remain silent.’’ Aleris informed the captain.

‘’Open a direct vox channel.’’ Captain Mirrorus ordered, his voice ever toneless and plain.

The shipmaster bowed his head and within seconds he gave a nod to the captain, indicating the channel was open.

‘’This is Captain Dertan Mirrorus of the first company of the Adeptus Astartes Space Angel Chapter.’’ Captain Mirrorus introduced himself.
‘’Identify yourselves and state your intentions immediately or face utter annihilation under the authority of the Imperium of mankind. This is your one, and only chance.’’

There was no reply.

‘’My lord, we have a visual on the enemy ships, they are of unknown design and nature, not matching any known pattern.’’ Shipmaster Aleris told.

‘’Show me.’’

A pict screen above the central dais lit up and Captain Mirrorus could see the outline of three ships against the planet that lay behind them.

‘’Clearly not of Imperial design.’’ Captain Mirrorus stated, noting the sleek and curvy red hulls of the ships. ‘’I have never seen such ships nor anything like them.’’

‘’Nor have I, my lord.’’ Shipmaster Aleris said.

‘’We are nearing maximum torpedo range, my lord.’’ A weapons officer said as he handed a report to the shipmaster. ‘’We await your order.’’

‘’Restrain your eagerness, Master Kaldi.’’ Captain Mirrorus said to the officer, clearly not amused by the bold behavior displayed by the officer.

The officer took a step back, bowing his head as an apology.

‘’Prepare torpedoes and bring the gun batteries to full alert.’’ Captain Mirrorus ordered after a few brief seconds. ‘’Master Aleris, you may give the word.’’
The shipmaster bowed his head and went back to work, bringing the ship and its crew to combat readiness in mere seconds.

Hatches sealed, offering extra protection to vulnerable parts of the ship and bulkheads closed to minimize damage in the event of a hull breach.

Across all decks men and women made ready for combat, teams were being equipped to deal with boarders or to control damage sustained during the fight that was to come.

Just like the ship itself the crew was pristine. Dedication to their cause and committed to their purpose.

‘’My lord, we have reached maximum weapons range and are ready to fire the first wave of torpedoes.’’

First Captain Dertan Mirrorus had never doubted one of his decisions, nor would he doubt the order he was about to give.

His mind was drawing out several scenarios and situations which could unfold once he had given the order.

‘’My lord?’’ Shipmaster Aleris asked, searching for a confirmation that Captain Mirrorus had heard his earlier report.

Captain Mirrorus had already won the battle in his mind, now he just needed to apply the battle plans.

‘’Fire.’’ Captain Mirrorus ordered, thus starting the latest of the Grace of Purpose’s thousands of combat engagements.


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