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Default gdogs chaos list again

this is a prototype chaos list and since I dont have the codex it is a bit vague. Please do not tell me to get the codex as I know that and that is not really helping me. It is designed to be a competitive list but with some flavour. (1500-2000pts)
tzeentch sorecerer, wind of chaos, warptime
khorne lord, terminator armour, bloodfeeder,

5 aspiring khorne terminators, twin lightning claws, melts bombs

12 khorne bezerkers skullchampion
12 khorne bezerkers skull champion
7 death guard plasma#2
7 death guard melta gun#2
10 chaos marines undivided 1 plasma 1 las
All apart from undivided have rhinos extra armour
heavy support
land raider combi melta extra armour
khorne stuff kills things, lord rides with termies in landraider nurgle stuff takes objectives
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