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The whole chaos incursion is unclear as technically we have already had the great chaos incursion a few years ago in the the global campaign Storm of Chaos, and chaos lost, the last couple of WoC books have however jumped back in the timeline

If you live in a city of the empire your life expectancy is OK, but if you stray into the dark wood it drops, dramatically.

The races of men however have hope, which is lacking in 40k. The college of engineers are working to create crazy things and the colleges of magic are vibrant places of research. Karl Franz has done a lot to unify the fractous nature of the empire. Whenever they have to elect a new emperor they tend to have a civil war

High elves (And the old world) are lucky that Finubar is the pheonix king, he has made them a player once again in the old world, rather than mysterious isolationists they became after the sundering. They are fading but as the current book states they can still impact the world

Then again there is darkness stirring in Slyvania, Castle Drakenhof is once again guarded by ancient Wights, balefire burning, Orc tribes run rampant in the badlands, beasts howl in the woods....
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