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Its no where near the depressingly dark galaxy of 40k but its still not great.

The Empire is united but is barely hanging on: invasions of chaos forces and OnG have barely been repulsed, beastmen are rampant in parts and the skaven are an ever present threat.

The High Elves are in decline, having retreated from the Old World (Empire/Bretonnia), having Schismed into the 3 elven forces with a civil war raging between the high and dark elves and the portal of magic (or whatever its ment to be called) almost having sunk Ulthaun itself.

The Dwarves are falling back gradually from night goblins and are generally a pale shadow of their former selves but they are still a force to be respected.

The Lizardmen are pathetic compared to their height when the Old Ones ruled the planet... but that's not a great surprise.

Its not a bright future, but most WFB fluff does suggest that there will be a future, compared to 40k where most things are dying and decomposing.

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