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Originally Posted by troybuckle View Post
I.use the assembly line method almost all the time (even doing tanks and walkers) it started with my nids and has carried over to my eldar. It gets the job done fast and consistently but it can turn painting into a choir. Personally, I have been doing it this way for so long its starting to take the fun out of it, but seeing as 40k requires so many minis and I like to have my stuff painted there seems to be no way around it.

I would suggest assembly lining these guys in groups of 5 instead of ten. I find smaller lines are less tedious.

You dark angels are looking real good by the way. Are you using army painter green primer on them?
Hi, thanks for the comments.

I am using AP Angels Green, you'll notice the Sargeant in the back is Undercoated black, I intend to use the AP where I can but for models with a bit more detail I will undercoat by hand. I'm guessing the bases gave it away!

I did these guys as a group of 8 with the Plasma Cannon and Sargeant to follow seperately. I have another Tactical squad coming, and will probably invest in at least one more so this kind of assembly line painting will definitely be used for these.

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