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Default Update #01

Took delivery of a Tactical squad brought on Ebay, decided to try 'Assembly Line' style. Again I want everything to be fully painted before it goes on the table so Tacticals are getting the 'get 'em done as quickly as possible' treatment.

I decided the Plasma Cannon guy and Sargeant should get extra special care so these are being done seperately. The other 8 took 3 days to do to the level shown below. Wayland games has dispatched my DV, and 'other stuff' order so the bases will be done when it arrives.

I have tried to keep the highlights quite subtle although I'm not sure the picture is a good one. I attempted to follow through on the advice from 'Viscount Vash', however the best white background I could find was a pair of envelopes. I may try sorting out a homemade photobooth.

I found the assembly line method quite daunting and monotonous, but after 3 days hard work I am generally pleased with the results and will be using this method again.

Thanks for looking and C&C is always welcome.
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