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Savage orcs are fantastic: make them big unz and they'll rip through almost anything.
Something I've been seeing more and more is the hoard of 30-40 savage orcs with black orc BSB and lucky shrunken head savage shaman: its an incredibly nasty unit that is reliable, tough and will kill almost anything
... that said I'm not really a fan of it. Its a lot of points and you still can get played if people can through chaff at you and force you to overrun in poor directions (I beat a unit of 30 savage big unz with shrunken head shaman and savage warboss by doing exactly that: got my unit of big un orcs with shields out the way and then had a solo troll sacrifice himself at an angle to give me an easy rear charge with my orcs- although flank would have been better- I needed itchy nuisance to lower the enemy initiative below mine so I could win).

I have my own unit of 30 savage orcs and I still make them big unz but I don't bother with any characters. I keep the unit cheap and throw it straight at the enemy. It takes a lot of beating and while the opponent is doing that I have a lot of other stuff in my army to take advantage (I'm especially fond of pump wagons and squig herds, though I may fork out for an arachnarok at some point).

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