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Icon How to gear da Boyz and my mortal enemies

Hello heresy-online. I'm a an OnG player and would like to hear this forums advice.

I have at the moment two rival enemies. One that plays High Elfs (dat stinks funny) and the other one is a Skaven player. The High elf doesn't have any unit that is more than 15+ right now, so he's not going horde. Yet. The skaven has lots of clanrats, rat ogres, stormvermin, artillery and an abomination. But no slaves (pwheww). I have lots of orc boyz, night goblins, boar boyz, black orcs, giant and an arach spider. Anyway to the point. I just recently bought myself two new boxes of Vanilla Orc Boyz (that makes 20), but I have no idea what weapons I should give them @@. I'm well concerned that hitting first is out of the question, so is shields the vital choice? Do any of you veterans have some good advice against these armies I'm fighting?

EDIT: Is a level 4 goblin great shaman on arach spider with spidershrine worth it? Or should I just take another warboss or great shaman on foot? Orc or goblin great shaman?

Sincerely, Mr. Black Orc

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