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Default Terminating Troublesome Traitors

The following things have really been bugging my Dark Angels:

1. Heldrake with Baleflamer. I can stay in my Rhinos, in which case I can't shoot properly and my Devastators die, or I can disembark, in which case it Vector Strikes, killing 2 or 3, and the Flames the remnants, killing a huge number. As an AV12 Flyer, it's very difficult to put down.

2. 20 Cultists. Autoguns and a Heavy Stubber, sat in a piece of 4+ cover. I cannot apply enough firepower or get close enough to charge. They shrug off the scant firepower I send their way and 9 times out of 10, capture an objective.

3. CSM with Mark of Slaanesh and Icon of Excess. They almost ignore boltguns, and 1/3 of Plasma shots you send their way come off the invulnerable (added to 1/3 missing, that's a large decrease in firepower). In combat, they strike before Tacticals and with more punch.

4. 3 Nurgle Obliterators in seperate squads. Very difficult to get rid of before they kill a Terminator squad or expensive vehicle.

5. Daemon Prince with Sigil of Corruption, Wings, and Mark of Tzeentch. Flying with a 3+ Invulnerable re-rolling 1s is pretty damn tough. Today it charged a squad of Deathwing, before being charged by another squad. It ate both squads at the cost of 3 wounds.

My models:
Chaplain in Terminator Armour
Chaplain in Power Armour (old Asmodai)
2 Company Masters
2 Librarians in Power Armour, and 1 in Terminator Armour (1 can proxy as Azrael)
Drop Pod
4 Rhinos (one can be swapped out as Razorback)
30 Tactical Marines with 2 Plasma Cannons, 3 Plasma Guns (one can swap out for Melta or Flamer), Missile Launcher, Multi-Melta (can stand in as Veterans, Command Squad etc. - have a Banner Bearer too)
15 Deathwing Terminators (3 Sergeants, 2 Assault Cannons, Cyclone, 3 Chainfists)
5 Devastators with Missile Launchers
Predator with Lascannon sponsons
15 Scouts (8 Boltguns, 2 Heavy Bolters, 5 Sniper Rifles)
3 Ravenwing Bikers

38-ish Guardsmen with Standard, 5 Vox-Casters, Meltagun, Plasma Gun, 4 Flamers, Heavy Weapon Team with Heavy Bolter, 3 Sergeants
2 LRBTs with Heavy Bolter Sponsons and Hull, have got the sprue for the other sponson weapons.
9 Kasrkins with a Meltagun (can stand in as Veterans with Carapace Armour, one has a Vox)

Usually play at 2000pts, occasionally going up to 2500 or 3000.

Any ideas? I have a decent enough budget, so if more shinies are required, so be it!


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