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Originally Posted by troybuckle View Post
I think forge world should acquire better painters for there stuff. I'm not saying that its bad, is very good but it dosent hold up to the quality of painting on Gw website imo. Anyone notice this?
Thing is though.. look at the average level of painter that you see in your store / gaming group. They anywhere near as good as the picture images? Nope.

My point being, you see a model thats very well painted your more likely to think 'I'll never do that model justice'. Where as, you see it not so well done, you'll think 'i can do better then that' or 'i can make it look that good'.

First option your put off buying the model, second your more likely. Hence, complaining about a paint job is kinda silly... unless it make the model look flat out terrible.. which the FW paint job doesn't.
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