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Hello all and welcome to the midnight review of today! :D

Well I have done alot more than i thought i would today which warranted a post

So a fiver if you can guess what I'm using this for?

Anyway I finished building up the symbols on my guards shields, undercoated them and also got basic colours on one of them. I think there should be red on them so that is what the fur will most likely be.

Secondly, My farseer. After battling with watery yellow that pooled and cracked i found mixing it up and lots of blended solved the problem. It needs revisiting and better pictures but here is so far.

Orkses next! After apologising to the boss I finished a few Kommandos. Still lacking nerve to put paint on them I still think some of the postures need changing. Also as you can see they are very cut and stuck with odd proportions and I quite like the idea of higeldy pigeldy sized ninja orks sneaking through an encampment.
The Textures on the cloaks seem to be a happy accident, while thinning out the greenstuff as soon as any tool touched it it would rip so lightly sticking on got this effect which once painted I recon will resemble cloth?

No Space marines tonight I'm afraid the termie captain was giving me evils so i let him be.

Now I was pondering today about my hareem/command tent. Since I am buying and painting the minis I really need to design what the room will look like. So on my to do list for the weekend:

1. Uni work
2. Uni work.
3. Draw layout and design of possible hareem like structure.
4. Change Kommando posture
5. Prime Kommandos.
6. Paint anything but orks.
7. Take some better pictures.

The list goes on but I don't wanna bore you guys more than I need to.

I appreciate all your comments guys! and gals

Originally Posted by Charandris View Post
Quick tip, i noticed finger prints on the cowel of your ork boy, to avoid this make sure our finger tips are wet (not dripping just slightly wet) and rub the area a little to smooth out the finger marks. Other option would be to use some kind of soft tool to use instead.
Hope thats helpfull!
Thanks yeah I found using this made the symbols alot more clean and I actually found a use for some of my tools

Originally Posted by Viscount Vash View Post
Ahh Ork Boyz blues, I know it well.

For your Farseer I'd suggest blue for the spirit stones as it is the 1st colour that springs to mind that will not be lost in the Red,Yellow and White of the rest of him.

Nice stuff Scrunka, look forward to seeing what pops up next.
I see vehicles to help it along. Hmm I do have a battlewagon and a Kustom bomma to paint, but im wussing out painting them too :/ lost cause I think i may get there eventually.

Blue is the way to go I do concur and thanks

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