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Originally Posted by DeathJester921 View Post
Can't stand the guttural screaming metal, where you can't understand a damn word that they say. I hate it with a fucking passion. I enjoy the instrumentals mostly, but there also has to be comprehendable lyrics to go along with the instrumentals. Otherwise, I get no enjoyment out of the music. This seems to be what most people consider the best kind of metal is the guttural screaming shit. If its somewhat like that, but you can still understand the lyrics, hey i'm down to listen to it. Otherwise no.

If anyone here has anything that fits into my likes, you know, with lyrics that are understandable, then message me or something. I'm open to new bands and broadening what I listen to.
I am this absolutely! Jester, you might find some appeal in Firewind. I found them hit and miss at first but they've grown on me.

The screaming incomprehensible stuff is just noise to me and I will never understand the appeal.

So what if most Metal is following the same formula. If they can keep a decent variety in the process and play their instruments well, then I will listen and enjoy. I've found that Hammerfall and Firewind have done reasonably well in this regard. And I like their lyrics a hell of a lot too.

Originally Posted by DeathJester921 View Post
Also, I think something else that is killing good music is pop, rap, and hip hop. Most kids these days, it seems, think that is all good music. I respect their opinions of course, but it is still shit music that deserves to be purged from history.
As the older (and therefore better) generations it is our responsibility to teach our youth about what music is supposed to be. By force if necessary.

Nonsense is our Salvation

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