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Ahh Ork Boyz blues, I know it well.

I started off with Trukk mobs to get a base number of gitz, now all I have to do is paint some when I can be bothered to try to expand them to decent footslogging mobs.
The plan is/was to paint a random couple of boyz in between all the vehicles that I really want to do.
It's kinda working, I now have 13x Slugga Boyz, 12x 'Ard Boyz and 10x Shoota Boyz, The plan atm is to do another Trukks worth of Shoota Boyz and merge the 2 mobs if they are gonna have to walk.

For your Farseer I'd suggest blue for the spirit stones as it is the 1st colour that springs to mind that will not be lost in the Red,Yellow and White of the rest of him.

Nice stuff Scrunka, look forward to seeing what pops up next.
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