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just because I have to put this in, I work at a top40 night club with an "urban" night on sundays (aka all hip hop and rap) the music is about nothing but sex from stupid bitches, and for some reason the stupid bitches eat it all up.

Our world works in cycles, everything in nature can be brought down to a cycle, including auditory tastes as Ive said earlier in this thread even, we are unfortunately moving away from a "musical" phase of auditory enjoyment to a more "poetic" phase, where words rhyming to a set interval beat has become the popular.

This being said, I will never respect hip - hop, rap, etc. as music, for multiple reasons, the most predominant being that it is far closer to what we call "poetry" then "music".

The artists of Rap and Hip-hop are also the worst of the worst for role models, being "gangster" while currently synonymous with being cool still, it is also, very much a term of someone who goes against the law, and these "gangsters" go against the law in the worst way, dropping out of school because its "cool" stealing, even murdering eachother (or innocent bystanders).

and the last point i will bring up against rap and hip-hop is that it really has become just one idiot who managed to make it big 'upping' the 'rep' of his 'posse' and making them all rich and famous in return, even if between the whole 'crew' there isnt a lick of musical talent between them, using machines and time to make their 'songs' rather then using their talent.
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