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Thanks Jonileth!

So here is some of the stuff ive been up to.

I have entered into the monthly painting deathmatch with an Eldar farseer, itll be interesting since i havent done a large amount of painting on eldar apart from 2 others. Im interested to see how my colours work out.

Obivously started with black base coat, my colours will be red, yellow and white. I want to aim for clean but vivid colours. Only problem is the small soulstones and what colour!?!
The colour is quite crap and splodgy but i want to get the colours in the right places and I'm abit tired group projects etc.

Haven't done anything on my space marines. But on another note I have got aload of Chaos marines and I thought it could be interesting to have a chapter that was split and they still bear the same colours but oppossite way around and it may be in the end they would rather fight to keep each other alive even those bonds never truly break.

Anyways Most of its for sale please have a look and see I only need a certain amount of money back so it will be quite cheap ;P

My 3rd project has got 3 more bodyguards. Taking shape the "tent" will have lots of guards from different backgrounds these boyos will be at the entrance, Liquid green stuff basis for emblems are sloppy but i will be building them up I like the uniform look so may go simple colours and almost make them look statuesque.
Im kinda having a tantrum with my orks I need more troops but lack the nerve to buy the 2 boxes od boys and paint green for the next week, I will get over it, also its the fact In GW the shop guy had his orks and has about 10xs as much and its painted Blearugh !

Don't mind the complaining and Please comment if you are that way inclined. Comment, critisism, Praise and abuse is all accepted! To a point ;)

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