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I think the idea behind the growling vocals has been lost. Some do it right, ex.a: Skeletonwitch, where the vocals synergize with the instrumentals, but most think they are amazing because they can growl and try to put it forth as the primary element of the music and it doesn't work. Ever heard someone do gutterals with no instruments? Not going to lie, even though I am a metalhead, I think it sounds full retard. The soul-twisting, face-melting, body-wracking hardcore instrumentals are the key behind the music and too many kids have lost that. I successfully converted my younger sister into a metalhead from a screamo kid, because that shit is unacceptable in my car, and I think the issue is that kids today have just never actually heard good music, because once they get used to it they like it better. They have been indoctrinated into this current-gen trash and thats sad.

I lulled her in with some Arch Enemy, revealed that the vocalist was female, and she was surprised. She now lives for metal, like the rest of us. THE METAL NEVER DIES AS LONG AS THE PROPHETS PREACH ITS AWESOME MESSAGE!

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