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Originally Posted by Logaan View Post
I like metal, I know what I like and like what I know. That said, I rarely listen to 'new' bands. During my painting this week, I have had a few itunes radio stations on to see if I could find some new music.

I have reached bizarre conclusions. There seems to be a VAST amount of bands who have songs that are indentically constructed;

Start - heavy chugging riffs - this gets my attention

First verse - growl, grrrr, this dudes burping the alphabet backwards....in swahili

Chorus - chugging and more backwards alphabet burping

Second verse - bit low key

Breakdown - crap, I know where this is going

Third verse - yes, its launched into a ballad and he is crooning. About love and junk.

Lame solo

Heavy chugging outro.

When did this crap become popular? Why was I not informed? Where do I complain? I blame skinny jeans.
You've living under a rock for a while...... Apart from that random "I'm in the pub!!!" txt a few weeks ago

However, yes there is an abundance of this kind of metal. Which I tend to classify as "shite".

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