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Imperial guard use flak armour, not carapace. Unless she comes from a storm trooper regiment, in which case you may ask your GM permission to have a hellgun instead of a boltgun in your starting equipment, because those are standard issued in stormtrooper regiment.

And really don't leave home without a good-craftsmanship force field.

Next, you need to fill out your character's motivations. Did she shed the burden of the imperium solely out of self-preservation ? I ask because storm troopers are typically very dutiful and would rather die than be traitors.

The Renegade archetype is all about revenge. To a renegade, the crusade is personal. Maybe she knows of a powerful Imperial official who betrayed her or her kin and she wants to see all of that nobles works to crumble to dust as she dances naked on the ashes of his charred-down body.
Madness is also part of any black crusade character (hence why they are not affected by insanity points : they're all aldready insane!) so you might be interested in thinking about how that madness manifests. Are her premonitions about her possible future real, or are they mere lies and illusions ? Or perhaps are they the confusing manifestations of a slaneeshi love-poison slowly corroding her mind and her senses for a dark and sinister purpose ? Will it all be for the good or for the ill of your character ? Where chaos is involved, nothing is certain.

Work hard on your character motivations in order to "get" her. Why is your character sowing corruption, why does she does that ? Why why why why. If you haven't figured it out, why is the most important thing you can ask about your character. Write out the answer, read them to your GM and fellow players and see how that sounds.

Let me tell you a story about one of our play experience : once, we played a medieval game set in our interpretation of Mount and Blade's Caldradia.

The full recalling is here, but the important part follows un-hidden.

The important part is that it was all decided with the group, in the first session. It made all the players very engaged in the story, and, althought there were not any spoilers, it gave a real feeling to the players that their characters were part of the world created by the GM, something more than I have ever been able to replicate since even by using the established canon of 40K. It was genuine roleplay. It was awesome.

So suggest you take a minute to talk to your GM and your group how each characters fit, not in the campaign, but in the story.

Hope your experience will be enjoyable.

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