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Ah, thanks, that cleared up my confussion about the Renegade nicely.

To give an indication as to how I want my character to play, I'll give a bit of the backstory I've been working on away.

The character I'd like to make is a female member of the Imperial Guard. Now, during one of the many "glorious" missions her and her regiment were sent on she came into contact with, and was subsequently corrupted by, a psyker.

The psyker corrupted her for a reason, saying that she had been chosen. Showing her glimpses of her potential future if she shed the weight of the Imperium, the Renegade gained a unique insight into her future allowing her to, on occassion, recognise a situation before it developed.

The psyker then accepted her fate and the renegade shot her, fulfilling the psykers promise to Slaanesh.

The renegade then returns to her regiment to sew corruption among it's ranks.

So, TL;DR I would like a traitor Imperial guard, with a focus on Ballistic Skill, Perception and Manipulation. But I would like her to use IG equipment. So carapace armour, las-weapons or auto-weapons, chainswords etc. I don't mind upgrades, and any advice is welcome, but terminator armour isn't exactly inconspicuous.

I understand this character would be more useful in infiltration scenarios but I have a Nurgle aligned Heavy Bolter wielding Chosen for all out combat, so I'm fine with that.

How does that sound, I'm really new to this and I'd like to make this character but I'd like her to be useful too.

a humble traitor.

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