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The first advantage of the Renegade over the Chosen is that the Renegade is human and not a legionnaire. Although it may sound like a disadvantage, as legionnaires have much better raw stats, start with an impressive array of bionics and traits and can carry over 400 kg of loot, humans are simply more likely to sneak unnoticed into imperial territory, where they can spread havoc, madness and corruption from within. Among humans, then, the Renegade is the most likely to go on undetected for decades, mainly due to it's insignificance in imperial society. Also, the renegade is the second best human fighter there is, which is unfortunately not saying a lot, and he was clearly designed to be the first. It's just your bad luck that Mechadendrites-type weapon bionics are just that good, and those are restricted to a single archetype.

If you want your renegade to work in battle, you need to decide from the start if he is gonna excel in ranged or close combat fighting. This is important because your adroit special ability gives you an additional degree of success on the characteristic test of your choice, and you want that to be either ballistic skill or weapon skill. Personnally, I would chose ballistic skill, because once your character acquires a Terminator armor, the rules says that he can uses even heavy weapons with one hand, and any one-handed ranged weapon may be used to make attacks in close combat. Also, you can use trading rules to lower the acquisition modifier of a terminator armour to + 0, making it eligible as a starting acquisition choice, trading useless stuff like your starting best-craftmanship laspīstol and your starting carapace armour, both of which are entirely useless once you don the terminator armour.

Unless you want to play to the strenghts of the human side of your renegade : stealth, infiltration and deception. That's the other way to build your character and it will require and entirely other approach. You may want to invest in a concealable force field instead of armour, concentrate on powerful single-shot pistols for close assassinations, or a long-las to make for a surprisingly deadly sniper. Again, remember that, as a human, you are not as versatile as a Legionnaire, you must chose a single way to kill and rally support in the name of the dark gods and stick to that. If sticking to a single set of skills is not your cup of tea, or if you want more honest open warfare, I recommend you take a legionnaire instead.


I can help you more if you give me feedback on how you want to play your character.

But, roleplaying is much more about collective storytelling than it is about stat blocks and rolling dices. What you really need to worry about is ask your game master what are gonna be the themes of the story, and how can you make your character fit into that.

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