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Ages ago Playing a game dropped in Kommandos that got its bum ripped out, Miraclously (spelling fail.) One was left, the one with the stikkbomb modelled on it, he ran across and was able to take out a 5-man SM squad pop its rhino . My opponent was so pissed he aimed all his force towards him while he was alive meaning the rest of my green tide was able to munch. He was shot at by 2 dev squads and 2 Normal bolter squads. Epic rolling on my part and such failure on my opponent, he then died from a nasty case of powerfists from the enemy captain SM man, He was godsmacked.

I just remebered this :B I think Im going to remodel him with a mazzive knife like

The other was a wierdboy taking out 4 squads of Dark eldar that was impressive.

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