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Default Warriors of Chaos - Tactics, Unit Overview, Codex Review

So, as of yesterday, the new codex dropped. As the warriors are one of my main fantasy armies, I figured I would write a guide for them that would expand slightly past going over every unit and its tactical uses - as this is a new book and I want to also somewhat turn this into a guide to help new players pick up the army or help old players adapt.

Having said that, before we get started, I am not huge on fluff,so I will not be hugely dwelling on that or GWs prices or whether a model looks nice or not.

So, this concludes my intro post, and I will start by going over the focus of chaos. If you are a chaos veteran, you can probably skip it, but it might be nice for a refrsher and will only take a minute or two to read.

My tactics articles, if you need help making a new army, or beating one:

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