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Default My work.

So I thought I may as well just have it all in one thread since its all bits and pieces and I chop and change alot.

Anyway I currently have 3 projects.

Number one is my orks trying to rebuild it into a 1500 point force.
Link: https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...d.php?t=117765

Number 2 is my space marines chapter which need alot of work rewriting into more concise fluff and models. Link : https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...d.php?t=109602

Number 3 is a scenario sort of project where I am using the medusa model (pics below) and building a hareem of concubines, guards and other bits.

Also I will hopefully be investing in other new models etc.

Ohh before I go into anything else I have a commission piece to finish up so itll go in here too.

So its 31/01/2013. And here is my work over the past week.

To begin a quick picture of Azurman, his left arm is needing the shuriken cannon fixing onto but just needs sharpening edges and priming then sent!


So my orks I have been making a commandos, 6 in total from old ork bodies as they are shorter and more stealthy apperance when finished. I liked the forge world kommando masks so I am trying to use that same style and using a cloak like Space marine scouts also makes them alittle more stealthy. Armed with "silenced" shootas and killy knives.


So onto my Space marines. Currently I'm on my terminators i changed their pose as the stock was boring as hell. I almost finished the seargeant apart from his base, As he is the first mini I have finished properly Im still on the fence on how to base him. But I want a water/shoreline effect but don't know how help? So Im chuffed to bits Really enjoyed painting them and also i think Im actually improving! :D So here is some for you guys.






Right I now have maximum amount of images so will post again about my medusa project.

Now I really want feedback I want to improve and can't without as much input as possible the more the better guys and gals!

Thanks in advance

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