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Alright, going to take a break from "Tutorial" format and examine some of the roadbumps I've hit so far.


When I tried on the gauntlet in card/resin form, I knew that I was going to have to cut down the middle of the back in order to get my arm into it, due to the narrow wrist design which my fist is never going to pass through.

What this meant was the gauntlet was a lot more flexible and narrow than it is after both fiberglass and body filler. Now it is a good centimeter thick in places, and is rigid as a rock. Ergo I can no longer get my arm in, so I have had to cut a much wider channel in the back as you can see in the first picture. Even so, my arm is compressed into a weird shape when the gauntlet is on, so I need to build a lot more space into it next time round. I also need to leave space for either cloth padding inside the bracer, or the sleeve of whatever I'm wearing. Body filler rubbing on open skin isn't fun.

Technical Problems

So far have been surprisingly few, probably due to the amount of background research I went through before even starting. However:

- Next time, do a thin layer of filler before fiberglassing. You can see in the second photo near the wrist where the fiberglass has come away from the resin, forming a bubble underneath. Obviously we don't want this.

- Apparently you can thin the filler with the resin, giving you a much more controllable material to work with. The filler on its own has the consistency of wet cement, it's very thick and needs to be spread with a tool rather than a brush. This results in uneven coatings on curved surfaces due to the shape of the tool, as you can see by the "rivers" in the third picture. A second coat will be needed. Thankfully the filler and the resin use the same hardener (at least in the UK) so you can just go by total volume in your measuring cup when mixing up a batch.
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