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Updated with pics. At this point the gauntlet is so hard I can smash it against the desk and it'll fly out of my hand before it breaks. Good stuff!

Armour (Filler stage)

Required Materials:

- P38 Easy Sand Isopon (Halfords)
- Applicator (Bit of wood/plastic/metal)
- Craft Knife/Razor blade
- The usual PPE, mixing pot, measuring pot etc. Keep wearing that respirator!

You should now have a pretty tidy item with smoothed off fiberglass inside and either resin or fiberglass on the outside, depending on what you did with it.

Now you mix up some of the P38 (Americans call it “Rondo” so if you want a tutorial video, google that instead). Again, follow the instructions on the box and wear your PPE.

Once more, it’s easier to do it in smaller stages, particularly for large items. Try a minimum amount first, see how far it gets you, and then you can estimate how much you should mix up in future. Better too little - and use everything you have - than waste filler by either having excess left over or not being able to use it all before it starts to harden.

Splodge it on, wipe it about, and get as smooth a coverage as you can. It’s in your best interests at this stage to start trying to get it as smooth as possible, and to start looking to get the curves right, because it’ll save you a *lot* of sanding later if you pay attention now.

When you’re done and the filler is half cured (i.e. still bendy and flexible but doesn’t come off on your fingers) you can save yourself some time sanding if you go over it with a craft knife or razor blade and trim off any big blobs you might have, or any detail that you’ve obscured. Don’t go nuts and cut right back to the resin, just get rid of big bits of excess.
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