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What a joke the power runs out just when I'm about to post. Seems the world is punishing me for drinking cocoa ;_;
Oh well lets do this again!

I am glad you like them, thank you wery much for the nice comments

Urban theme is absolutely a possibility, I am considering it though I think I have to decide on how I want to do my eldar first due to wanting to base them on the same "planet" (got some extensive fluff in the works).

The yellow formula isn't really complicated but it takes really long time (water all paints):

1: Basecoat black
2: Paint all armour in Rhinox hide, due to it being my base coloar on the cloth and it is much easier to paint yellow over brown than black. You could also use a lighter brown colour if you want
3: Paint all armour parts Averland sunset, usually takes 2 coats, remember to water your paints, the key to good yellow is multiple thin layers.
4: 2 layers of Yriel yellow, you don't need to get a 100% even layer now
5: Ogryn flesh wash in the recesses
6: 1-2 more layers of Yriel yellow to get an even coat and cleaning up the wash
7: Take a deserved break from yellow and paint other parts of the model, I like to do the highlighting last
8: Yriel yellow + White scar, can't remember the formula but aim for a subtle lighter yellow that is visible but doesn't stand out too much
9: Yriel yellow + White scar, just put in more white. Use this mix on the "extreme" edges to push out the colour. Imagining where the light would hit the armour is a way of deciding where to put it.
10: Celebration!

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