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by special bits i mean things like mordikai's bloodwing, or gauge's robo. things like deployable turrets that rest on your sholder like a parrot untill you throw it down, or the ability to get pissed off and whip out two guns or punch things with your fist. in essence i mean this

Joe picks a beastmaster type, throws a bird, bird goes squak and kamakazies into things.

ted was going to make a beastmaster type, but given joe has already snagged that roll, ted instead chooses to make a character that features a hovering turret drone that shoots and follows the player like a lost puppy, sticking close by.

jake was going to make a turret type character like ted, but ted beat him to the punch. instead jake decides to take a sort of cloaking ability like zero.

laura was going to take a spiffy cloaking ability for her character, but jake already has it. so instead she picks a trap ability that sprays up a fountain of elimental damage when something walks over it.

================================================== ========

it is of my own personal flawed and twisted opponion a system like this, which esentialy the devs of the game use, only slightly more refined in a sense, would be optimum for the rp so that we dont seem to have carbon coppies of characters and instead get to put our own swing on things.

also acording to borderlands lore, our player characters would be baddasses (term from borderlands not actual we're spiffy). any sap can stand up to a few bandits and win maybe a single fight or two.... but he's gonna get his ass killed quick, or raped, most likely raped then butchered, then killed, in that order most of the time(remember, borderlands is sick and twisted when you look at the logistics of things) so anyone who can make an actual diffrence, would thus be a baddass. this is clearly refrenced by claptrap during borderlands two when he makes the point of stating "HA! my minions' a bonafied Badass!" this is not merely mentioning that his minion is cool, but is actualy a step above the normal rank and file life forms he's normaly encountered such as menial bandats.

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