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Originally Posted by Protoss119 View Post
For the chance to partake in mass bullet-hosing and swim in piles of guns, anything.
Bullets, check. Guns, check. Claptrap... check?

Originally Posted by DasOmen View Post
i'm game. we'd have to make a rule though for our special bits where we need to make something drasticaly diffrent than what other players have.
What do you mean by 'special bits'? I'd write up several new classes as well as use the current 9 available, so everyone has a range of class choice. I would likely go no stats or all stats. Looting would be all over the place.

On the topic of Sirens, I'd probably have to keep them out of this, if just because I'm sure at least two people would take an interest in them. Given how only 6 can exist at one time, and (heh-hem) Sirens are alive in BL2, it would begin to push things.
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