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This guy potentially saved 6 lives, while potentially endangering his own. It sickens me to think that anybody could think that this is a conspiracy to disarm America - it's just mucked up people going insane with an assault rifle, which is far too easy to get hold of. It's not the government controlling people to kill loads of innocents.

The UK is practically completely disarmed. I don't know anyone who owns a gun. Has our government come along to make a forceful takeover? No. They've just sat in London (or using the coffers to watch football matches, George Osborne you knob), stealing our money. Much as I would like these Tory thieves to go die in a hole, they're not violently attacking us, and a negligible number of people think we need guns because they think the government will attack us.

If you're insane, you never see it. And that's exactly the problem with gun nuts. They don't see their conspiracy-mongering and lack of common sense. Assault rifles make killing easy. Get rid of them, fewer deaths will occur. Remove all guns, even fewer deaths. However, I would really like the people threatening this guy to taste the lack of gun control in the USA. Shoot them or a family member (of course, one who shares the same view) and see how they react. They're just asking for murder to happen.
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