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Got quite a bit done last night and today. I've started the Krell, Lord of Undeath that's been sat primered in my case for about 8 months and it already looks pretty good. Then again it's hard to mess up that particular model - it looks good no matter what ;)

I also made a start on one of the 5 chaos knights that are sat on my paint station - just doing the one to start with to test a recipe for reds and I'm happy with how it turned out so I'll be doing the rest of them like that too - I just need to practice edge highlighting and find a good colour that's not too orange.


I've been working on the banner top for my Knights Harlequin standard bearer. I'm using the state troops skull and crossed swords banner top with the swords and laurel cut off and repositioned and then lots of greenstuff to add more bits and I have the slight resemblance of a skull in a jester hat. I'll post pics when I get time and of course update my plog when I finish
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