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Hello all,
here is my last days activity to use as an example of the sort of thing this thread is for.

Hopefully better ones will pop up later

Today I dug out a Nob Biker I converted up some time ago and started getting some paint onto him. For me this is a plan to push on with a Wazdakka Gutsmek bike,kopta, buggy and skorcha army.

The link to the Plog can be found below.
https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...=57978&page=48 Post 239 is the most recent.

Apart from sorting through boxes for lost bikers and parts for Buggies and Skorchas not much has been achieved. Started prepping some second hand bikes though.

I made a poor start to writing a bit of background for my freshly named Warboss today and the Blitz Brigade in the Homebrew section.

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