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Originally Posted by Sangus Bane View Post
Not bad... Impressive, actually.

But it would be even more impressive if it was an actual engine, just saying. ;)
Hmm, I suppose I could just stick some model rocket engine into tubes and build the detail around that. 'Cept those engines don't generate much in the way of lift. And this bird is already getting heavy.

Originally Posted by Sangus Bane View Post
Also, great work on the tutorial, easy and clear: thats the way I like my tutorials.

I would like to see more of that Thunderbolt.
you can see the work I've done on the thunderbolt thus far on my blog. It's linked in my signature. For the moment my work on it is stalled because I'm waiting for materials I've ordered to arrive. One of the things, one of the... okay one of the like 12 things, I'm doing with this project is learning how to cast in resin. Building the thunderbolt is another step I'm taking toward building a Thunderhawk. In the case of the thunderbolt rather then build 2 engines, 2 intakes, 4 autocannons and 2 lascannons, I'm going to build 1 of each and then cast copies of them in resin. Little difficult to do that when you're almost out of resin and am out of mold compound. So I have to wait for the supplies of both I've ordered to come in.

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