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Originally Posted by Nazrax View Post
Wow, loving your Lelith. I have always liked the model and always enjoy seeing people's various takes on her. I really like all of your work and the purple and green are very much the colors I see in my mind when I think of DE especially wyches. Thank you for sharing these and keep up the good work!
Thank you for your compliments. I personally feel I got the tone of her in my colour scheme. Also other compliments in the real world have told me my painting has come along 'great guns'. It means a lot, cheers.

Wing update on the Scourges.
Hopefully this shot will come out off my iPhone.

I was looking at doing a just giving the wing a more natural look without trying a dry brush effect but keeping in with the colours of the Kabal.

What do you think if the picture has come out? Ok as it is or bring it up one more layer on the edging?

Comments appreciated as ever.
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