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Originally Posted by Volten View Post
Hi guys would just like to post my list for any constructive criticism to help me have the best army i can.


Kharn the betrayer


20 cultists
2 flamers
17 autoguns
champion shotgun
Shotgun is a useless upgrade not even worth the meager points it costs

13 Marines
1 melta
1 missile launcher
vets of the long war
Generally you shouldn't mix heavy and assault weapons as you will end up wasting potential one way or another. Also 13 marines is a bit of a poor number as marines work best at 10 with double assault weapons (Even if its two flamers). Vets is also a bit of a waste on regular marines unless you are tailoring a CC unit for taking down marines easier. Depending on what your face more often I would recommend running them with CCW and two assault weapons, or naked with bolters and maybe two plasma guns or with a heavy weapon.

9 Bezerkers
vets long war
icon of wrath
gift of mutation
melta bomb
These guys are are already fearless so taking vets only makes you better at fighting marines, and as the unit is already expensive this option should not be taken unless you face primarily marines. Also avoid gift and chainaxes as most enemies you will want to throw berzerkers at have a 3+ armor save. With the saved points buy the unit a power sword (That way when your forced to challenge you have a good chance of killing even characters.


power scourge
twin lascannon
This is a epileptic load out that will rarely help. If you want ranged fire support then take the missle launcher and a las cannon. If you want CC take a power fist, and maybe the scourge (Although using a av 12 walker for CC is kind a bad idea as you will rarely reach CC with a dread and when you do its pathetic 2 attacks will do little more then annoy most of the things where str10 would help. Save points and either drop the dread or streamline it.

heavy support

2 forgefiends
both only with hades autocannon
Ok unit, but really expensive for what it offers at 1500. Consider taking 3 small sized units of havoks with 3 heavy weapons each instead.

warpflame gargoyles
Defilers are like daemon prices this edition....insanely overcosted. You should never take a defiler under 2000pts and even then its of debatable usefulness. After all even with a 5+ inv save this thing will still go down fast to any serious attempt to drop it.

havoc launcher
Decent however with the way hull points work its generally not a good idea to waste any points upgrading any AV10-11 vehicles.

( reading the forum rules i am unsure if im able to post what everything costs)

Was thinking dropping the marines and cultists for more beserkers to try and get more into the theme of a World eater army.

in saying that i was also after any opinions on chainaxe upgrade for beserkers is it worth the points for the ap4?
No they arn't worth it as 60+% of 40k armies have 3+ armor saves
i'm unable to "tailor" lists to certain armies as a group of mates and i play in our own league where we can only change lists once a month. Also this is the list i played this month and i put up a decent fight against ORKS but got obliterated against TYRANIDS. i have found as soon as a Forgefiend or Helbrute go down i have trouble with alot of things because i dont have that much left on the board.
The solution is to take more units and less giant easy to kill vehicles.

so please any help would much be appreciated for this beginner

p.s. sorry if wrong forum :S

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