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Default 1500 chaos list help fine tuning :D

Hi guys would just like to post my list for any constructive criticism to help me have the best army i can.


Kharn the betrayer


20 cultists
2 flamers
17 autoguns
champion shotgun

13 Marines
1 melta
1 missile launcher
vets of the long war

9 Bezerkers
vets long war
icon of wrath
gift of mutation
melta bomb


power scourge
twin lascannon

heavy support

2 forgefiends
both only with hades autocannon

warpflame gargoyles


havoc launcher

( reading the forum rules i am unsure if im able to post what everything costs)

Was thinking dropping the marines and cultists for more beserkers to try and get more into the theme of a World eater army.

in saying that i was also after any opinions on chainaxe upgrade for beserkers is it worth the points for the ap4?

i'm unable to "tailor" lists to certain armies as a group of mates and i play in our own league where we can only change lists once a month. Also this is the list i played this month and i put up a decent fight against ORKS but got obliterated against TYRANIDS. i have found as soon as a Forgefiend or Helbrute go down i have trouble with alot of things because i dont have that much left on the board.

so please any help would much be appreciated for this beginner

p.s. sorry if wrong forum :S
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