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Decent list, but I'd tweak it a bit:

- Bikes cost about the same number of points as Raptors and are much better—why not take 2 squads of bikes instead of 1 bike, 1 raptor?

- A lightning claw is slightly better, I find, than a power sword. The math hammer works out to more situations, so a slight edge, for the claw.

- I would go with combi-plasmas instead of plasma pistols on the champs. You'll get to fire it about the same number of times, but will save points and have more flexibility in how to use it.

- I'd try to squeeze in a squad of 10 naked cultists you hold in reserve, who, when they come in, grab your home objective and go to ground if anyone sneezes in their direction. This helps overcome your lack of bodies, frees up more of your points to attack the enemy with, and is dead cheap. I'm sure you could squeeze in the 50 points somehow.

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