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Originally Posted by TRU3 CHAOS View Post
OH! So GW is about sexuality! Even though slaanesh is one extreme aspect from one deity, from one army.

Did you notice the disapearence of boobs in the new slaanesh models or are you new to the game?
Since when did I say they were all about sexuality.

You have the scantily clad witch cults and sorceresses for the Dark elf. You also have the topless harpies for the dark elves. Also don't forget Morathi which has been redone in finecast. Slaanesh's minor demons are multi breasted abominations. You have the lizardmen which not a single one of em is wearing clothes. You also have many of the skaven that are nude too.

I'm not say warhammer is a M or A game, but it sure as warp not E, and I would not have it another way.

Been playing for 11 (+/-1) years.

Originally Posted by Magpie_Oz View Post
What mini's are Hermaphrodites ?
The new daemonette (implied) + slaanesh, "appearing as both male and female"
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